My name is Evangelia and in greek means good news. However, since it is extremely difficult sometimes for people to pronounce it, I also hear the name, Evelyn.

Being born in Larissa, a city in central Greece, in a snowy (strange thing) day of March of 1987, I decided to never grow up, so I still hide a little girl inside me, with the desire to travel the world. My adoration for every form of art is well known and I can’t hold myself of expressing through writing. Languages have always been fun, so I speak English, Italian, and Spanish.

I studied Technology and Computer Science and Communications. Have worked as a journalist and radio producer, as well as at hospitality services. But then I realized that I enjoy more sharing my experience through blogging and interfere with people through the WordPress communities and events around WordPress.

Since 2015 I have been an organizer for Larissa WordPress meetup, while I have been a member of the organizing team of WordCamp Athens 2016 & 2017 and WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018.

Way of life: A computer in my hands, my notebook and a pen, or a camera and ideas, dreams and imagination flying free.
Beliefs: Music tames passions, a good book travels the mind, people always have something beautiful inside them, you only need to give them the opportunity to prove it.
Best award: The satisfied smiles on people’s faces.
Advice to follow: Take your risks, as experience and wisdom coming along is the biggest reward. Travel to meet the world and people and learn to speak their language. Make memories, find the love of your life, work a lot, hard and methodically, but whatever you do, do it with love. Try to become a better person. Every day go a step further!