My first podcast goes with Women In WP!

It’ s been a while, but sometimes it is difficult to find spare time to write down what I want to share.

This time I wanted to talk to you about Women In WP.

Ooh yes! You are going to tell me that I do this often but…! it’s not exactly the same thing. There are women in WordPress Community and in the tech sector who are amazing and I totally respect and look up to them. However, this post is not exactly a tribute to these ladies. I wanna share with you my experience in a podcast with a fun triplette!

I am talking about Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman.

How it started

This all started when Vassilis Baimas, a good friend and co-organiser of WordCamp Athens and WordCamp Thessaloniki spotted their first podcast. He started watching them and got enthusiastic. He took also the decision to suggest me to the girls for a podcast about women in the WordPress and tech community in Greece. Before Vassilis told me about it, I applied to be on the podcast, finding the twitter page where WomenInWp share their news.

While discussing it over slack with Vassilis, we realised that we both had the same thought at almost the same moment. Actually hitting the button almost at the same time…

Laughing hard was the only option. We never get stunned with one another. After 4 years of working together it’s like our minds are connected.

There comes fear…

A while after I applied and Vassilis suggested me, the girls contacted me in order to arrange the podcast. I got kinda scared of what I am going to talk about, since I am not a developer or a designer. Maybe the things I have to say are not that important. Who’s gonna care about what I have to say? There are people with more knowledge than mine, different skills or professionals with bigger experience and expertise. These are thoughts that did not come up when I applied. I wanted to communicate how I felt, as a woman and blogger among people in my community, respected and cherished. I wanted to share that it never felt different being a girl in the tech sector, attending meetups of developers or WordPress meetups and WordCamps.

Boom! Second thoughts! Fear, doubts and anxiety, but it all disappeared when I turned on my camera and saw their faces at Zoom.

The podcast

The girls were very welcoming and smiley. Just their nice voices and their attitude reminded me of what exactly I wanted to share and the reason I first pressed the button of applying to be with them.

My glasses were a bit flashy, but there we were. Behind our screens, a greek girl and another three from the other side of the globe! It is strange to be on a podcast with people you have never met before and you know little about since there is not such a personal contact as with your friends.

Amy, Tracy and Angela want to give voice to the women around the world. Women of the WordPress global community, who are active and enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience and passion. Either you are a developer, or a designer, or a blogger, a marketing editor or a content strategist, the girls want to let your voice to be heard all over the world. Girl power? Ooh yes!

Being born, located and working in a small country like Greece, suffering also by the economic crisis and the huge migration outflow, but with tech communites and agencies rising, it was nice to be able to share what’s going on with the WordPress Greek Community.

It was like a chat among friends, but including high quality equipment. Plus, me saying things that seem wise as advice but should be reality and not a topic for discussion.

You need to ask, to come forward, to contribute. You can come to an event. Ask a question. No question is stupid. Everybody’s welcome. If you don’t ask you will never learn.

It’s been an honor being on the Women In WP 6th podcast and I am thankful for the fact that I met them. It is true that internet and technology give us the opportunity to communicate our experience, our journey, our thoughts with people sharing the same passion no matter where they are located. I had a great time with the girls. They made it feel so natural, as if we were sitting around the same table drinking our coffee. Our smiles can prove it for sure.

The girls kept a quote from our podcast and I think they are totally right…

Be proud of what you can do. Don’t apologize for what you cannot do, or you don’t want to do. If you really want to do something you will learn how to do it and you will do it successfully.

Find your tribe, meet people and cooperate. Don’t be afraid.

Find out more about Women In WP

You can see all upcoming shows here and if you want to share your experience and thoughts by participating in a podcast with the girls. You can be on the show or suggest someone that you believe would have a lot to offer by talking. Just fill in the form and they will contact you back.

The girls do an amazing job providing except for the audio podcast, also a video and transcript. You can find mine here, since we had been also talking about accessibility and the deaf WordPress Greek Community members and attendees of the community’s events.

It is kinda expensive sports to be able to put all this effort, equipment etc, so if you want you can sponsor the ladies and their amazing job by contacting them and help them invest more in hearing louder the female voice in WordPress world.

First time @WordPress meetup

You are interested in WordPress and you either have a blog, or you want to create a website. Maybe you are a web developer, a blogger, a web designer, a photographer. Or even someone with a shop and you wish to have an online presence for your products or an e-shop.

You search around in order to meet people and expand your network in the WordPress world. Trying to find information on how to advance your skills and knowledge on the topic, you experiment and study tutorials.

This is the right time to attend a meetup.
This is the purpose of WordPress Community and its’ events

Do your search at for an event around you. Don’t feel alone, don’t feel like you do not fit. A meetup is not only for developers. If you are a woman, don’t worry if there will be mostly men attending the meetup, as this is common mistake. Everyone is highly welcomed at a local WordPress meetup, as well as at bigger events like WordCamps. People attending a WordPress meetup do not care about your sex, physical appearance, level of knowledge and skillset. WordPressers of the world do not mind if you are not a professional.

Introduce yourself at the meetup organisers and explain how or why you wanted to attend the meetup. Ask if you have a question after a speaker presentation has ended. There is not any stupid question. After all we all started from somewhere. Noone was born with all knowledge stored in their minds. Blend in with people, ask them if you have any questions. WordPress Community loves sharing, stories, success, failures, knowledge, information, feedback. Try networking. You have the chance to find a suitable person to assist you or to work with.

The desire to know how you can contribute and get involved is active.

If you want to contribute and get involved but you do not know how to do it… In case you have ideas you would like to share or to implement in order to assist in organising a meetup, speaking or sponsoring, let the organisers know. They will definitely inform you and take under consideration any suggestion you make.

Come forward. No fear. A meetup is a friends’ gathering where you can also gain something new in the WordPress world.

My first time

I first met WordPress GreekCommunity at the start of an autumn, back in 2015 (In Greece it seemed still summertime). After returning to my hometown a few months earlier, I had a job, but my contract was about to end. At that point, I saw a facebook post saying that “If you are interested in WordPress, we are going to have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop nearby.”. I have studied Computer Science and Communications, so I thought, this is around my interests and maybe I should try it. Learn more about it. If I don’t like it, I can always leave it behind.

I didn’t know anyone and I had second thoughts, before I left home and even when I arrived. After messaging them, I found the spot they were seated and I was suddenly at a table with 10 completely strangers. All of them men. Evangelos Athanasiadis, who organised the gathering, as well as everyone else, made me feel welcome. We introduced ourselves and explained why we were there. Evangelos shared his dream of an official meetup and there it was born, Larissa WordPress Meetup. Realising this was interesting and fun, I decided to let it open a new window in my professional and also personal life.

WordPress Coffee Time 24/9/15 – First Gathering for Larissa WordPress Meetup

Four years after that day, I am thankful for all the things I have learned, working with Evangelos for our hometown meetup and volunteering as an organiser at WordCamp Athens and Thessaloniki. Watching talks, taking part at workshops, asking questions or sharing my knowledge. Mostly though, I am thankful of the amazing friends I made during this journey. WordPress Greek Community is like a big greek hug. And everyone fits in… (Plus we usually share some pizzas in the end!)

These people are indeed my family!

#WCThess2018 – my PoV

I am always late, but I can confirm this is an asset and not a disadvantage. It’s been a long while since December 2018, however I realise that memories come up whenever they wish…

Team of students that without any prior knowledge of WordPress, created their website for the initiative they manage

We met amazing people, discussed interesting topics, got inspiration and let teams and individuals set an example. Sponsors, attendees and speakers had the opportunity of networking and discussing and enjoyed a trip on the Internet and WordPress world.

And how do you react when a few days before the event you realise one of your speakers cannot attend due to late visa appointment?

Let’s have a Gutenberg panel conversation!

That’s the spirit of WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018! Felow WordPressers of the world, become always close friends.

You will find all photos of the event at the WordPress Greek Community’s flickr account in order to get a glimpse of the unique times of the first WordCamp Thessaloniki.

And all presentations of the event can be found in .pdf form at the WordPress Greek Community’s Speakerdeck account, in order to have notes of the things you heard or of the things you did not have the chance to listen to.

At the same time, you will find the videos of the presentations on WordPressTV and even more at the official YouTube account of WordPress Greek Community.

Infographic recap of all you need to know!

WordPress in the era of economic crisis in Greece, rises up with new companies, freelancers etc. choosing it to become their work tool. WordPress Greek Community writes its own history getting bigger and stronger.

Since 2007, we are making steps of progress. We are always in need of new people, adding value to the organising teams. It has been a great pleasure in Thessaloniki, that new local meetup ideas were born. And guess what… they started taking steps to getting established.

Then, we realised that the community can support two WordCamps per year. The decision for hosting a WordCamp Athens in spring and WordCamp Thessaloniki in winter is a fact. So we ask for your help.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 was a blast and you can enjoy the video Nikolaos Magkoutas prepared with beautiful moments of the event

WordCamp Athens 2019 takes place at Athens Concert Hall in 17-18 May 2019 and tickets are still available, while WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019 is in early planning stages.

Come forward, volunteer, contribute.

Support WordPress and the WordPress Community.


Translation @WordPress Greek Community

Translation has always been the easiest way to contribute in WordPress. Since the only prerequisite is to speak 2 languages. English and your native language.

WordPress is being translated in 148 languages so far and Greek is among them.

In Greece people enjoy learning other languages, even if that sounds bit of a stereotype.

When I first met Evangelos Athanasiadis, mostly known among the WordPress Community as @dyrer and the WordPress Greek Community, I learned about every way that I could contribute, not being a developer. So many ways and so many things to choose according to your skills, capabilities and of course your free will.

But how exactly you can contribute by translating and does anyone check and confirm you did indeed provide a correct translation?

I needed to find out more about procedures. (It is kinda known that I enjoy procedures and diagrams. I like it when I have some certain steps to follow. It makes my life easier.)

So where do I start from?

Evangelos was the right person to ask, as he is the head of translation in WordPress Greek Community. (You can find also information on, but I don’t enjoy that much reading handbooks. I prefer chatting with people.)

The team that approves and validates your translated strings consists by the GTEs (General Translation Editors). For Greece, these are Evangelos Athanasiadis, Iakovos Frountas (@ifrountas), Kostas Vrouvas (@kosvrouvas) and Konstantinos Xenos (@xkon). You can always find them in order to ask for assistance.

There is a glossary of words common, already used and agreed as the best translation which can be used. You select the project, plugin etc. in which you are interested in translating and… there you go! Find more information in general at the handbook for Translation available here.

And guess what?! There are translation days! Next one is Global WordPress Translation Day 4 this Saturday, May 11, 2019!

Greece is participating with local events at Athens, Larissa and Thessaloniki! Come on and we can do it together!

P.S. Don’t forget to check also Evangelos Athanasiadis presentation at WGTD4 regarding the 10 reasons why to translate in the Greek language at 18:00 UTC.

Organising the first WordCamp Thessaloniki

You may have met the WordPress Greek Community wandering in a WordCamp, a meetup or anywhere else, laughing, volunteering, having fun, making new friends and family.

Have you seen the Greekz organising a WordCamp?

The decision

In 2018, after two successful WordCamp Athens in 2016 and 2017, that have been our very first attempts in organising bigger scale events, the organising team of the WordPress Greek Community, in charge of organising also the local meetups, decided to make a turn.

Since Thessaloniki is a city with a very active local meetup and an amazing community, the team (with not too much thinking) decided the local community deserved to host a WordCamp. At first we were examining the possibility of organising one WordCamp per year, one year in Athens, one year in Thessaloniki, later… one year in Larissa, covering all the local communities with active local meetups.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 was born!


Organising a WordCamp starts usually a long time before the date it is held. Having organised already two WordCamps in Athens we thought, maybe this time the job would be much easier and automated, however this was not the case.

Realising that different city means searching all over for everything from scratch, starting from the branding of a new local WordCamp, the venues, and moving to sponsors, speakers etc., the journey started.

During the whole preparation we always try to keep every decision open to our community as well as all the steps we take and the ideas that we come up with for everything. Of course we are always ready to implement new ideas provided by the rest of the community.

There are always tools in order to work. Slack for our everyday communications, Teamspeak for our online meetings, as well as Trello, in order to check all our tasks and Google drive for the storage of our data. Workload and distribution of the tasks among a team makes them absolutely necessary. Behind the screens of our PCs, at the end of a phone line communicating all day long, we could make the dream come true.


Every year, the team may have some new additions, replacing people that need to go, due to the lack of free time. This year the organising team felt like… Snowhite (me) and the 14 tall dwarves (yes this can also happen).

The most important thing is, that during the 3 years of our cooperation, team members feel not just like friends but also like family. That makes the cooperation always smooth and fun, even when we don’t all agree on a subject. Democracy, though, was born in Athens, so after voting – whether you like it or not – the outcome will be the final decision. We all respect that and support it working towards the pointed direction.

It is, definitely, not easy for a team to work always remotely. Thankfully local meetups are not very distant. This gives us the opportunity to gather, discuss, resolve issues, make decisions and have fun as well bonding even more.


It’s been a crazy 8 months.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions. From happiness, to anger, from sadness to feeling full by accomplishing goals. Sometimes frustration, when something couldn’t go as intended and you aim for perfection. Difficulties could rise. You felt tired. But in the end of day, there is a team standing next to you.

WordCamp organising, while at the same time we are also meetup organisers, requires hard work. This might mean working another 8 hours per day for a volunteer post that is, of course, not paid. However, when you get at the closing remarks, you realise that this worktime has been paid the best way possible. This is reality.

Closing remarks WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018

Organisers do have a life outside of the WordPress Community, but they choose to offer as volunteers their time (spare or not), skillset and hard work. During this WordCamp some of the organisers dealt with difficult times, but we made it happen as a family supporting each other. Plus, we also had a newborn baby, a wannaby WordPress girl.

And the craziest day arrived, setting the venue one day before WCThess2018. All last minute details need to be arranged within a few hours.

However, there is something that I couldn’t forget. The key for every event is always the people. It was not only the organising team who gave their best shot. We need to applause all volunteers and photographers. At the same moment everyone from sponsors to speakers and – of course – attendess add value to the event on their side.

Let there be WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018!

Meet the Greek Wapuus

Greeks are always proud of their descentants and their history (as should every nation in this world be), as well as of the mythology, their heroes and philosophers.

When the time came to select the personalities of our Community’s wapuus, for the mascot of each city with an active official meetup, it was a both hard to make a final decision, but we decided to go with history and mythology as well.

Socrates from Athens

In Athens, the community selected the name Socrates and their wapuu was designed by Popi Papanastasiou based on the personality of Socrates, the ancient Greek classical philosopher, who lived in Athens from 470 BC to 399 BC. Socrates before becoming a philosopher was a craftsman as he worked as stonemason. Known not only for being wise but also brave, he participated in the Peloponnesian War and involved in politics. He claimed to know only about the art of love, while his most famous quote is

I know one thing; that I know nothing.

Achilles from Larissa

When the time for Larissa – my hometown – came to pick our wapuu, we realised that we had to try hard, once again to select someone to represent us. Searching among mythology and history in order to get inspired by a local figure, the name “Achilles” shined like a star in our minds and Alexandros Itsios gave life to our inspiration!

Achilles is one of the famous mythology heroes, son of the Thetis, who was an immortal Nereid and Pileas, the king of Myrmidons. As his mother wanted him to be immortal, she kept him over divine flames and the only week part of his body was the heel from where she was keeping him. Achilles known for his braveness in war, was the central character and greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad, and killing prince Hector and revenging the death of his best friend Patroklos.


Alexander the Great from Thessaloniki

Last but not least, for now, community had to select a wapuu for Thessaloniki, since the first WordCamp is also coming this year. We knew from the beggining who would be our inspiration. There could be noone else but king Alexander the Great!

Nick Savvopoulos tried to give breath to our most loved Macedonian hero, as portrayed in every ancient greek coin, statue, painting or described in books, with his blonde curles crowning his face and the untamed look in his eyes. Alexander the Great was a student of the philosopher Aristotle, famous as a military commander, conquered the world by spreading the greek culture and before he died, he bequeathed his reign “to the best”. His best friend was a horse from Thessaly, Bucephalus, which he tamed when he was thirteen years old. This horse has been the sign of my city for centuries, since this breed has started here.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 is coming!

Amazed to announce what everyone has been waiting for long!

WordPress Greek Community wanted to show you that, Greece is not only Athens city, so this year we have selected our co-capital city to host the first WordCamp Thessaloniki, in Macedonia, northern Greece.

This is for our community the third Greek WordCamp, following also the example of other countries like Portugal (having one year a WordCamp Porto and the next one a WordCamp Lisbon).

Thessaloniki is called the most romantic city of Greece, located right next to the sea, with great history among the centuries. Feel free to visit the city a lot earlier and let us know so we can show you around.

Taste the food, feel the vibes, learn history, share culture, visit museums, archaelogical sites, have a little cruise at Thessaloniki beach, walkaround the White Tower, say hi to the statue of Alexander the Great at the beach, get to know people of Thessaloniki. It is said that Macedonians are the most hospitable people in Greece.

Save the dates : 15 & 16 of December 2018

Save the place: Thessaloniki Concert Hall & OK!Thess (for contributor day)

We are looking forward to meet you all to the next amazing greek WordCamp!
Note it down on your calendar, pick the best alarm, book your tickets, pack your bags and be on time!

Stay tuned for more news to WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 website and get ready to assist in any possible way, become a sponsor, come up with a speech or sign up as a volunteer. We need you all by our side!