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Carla Saiz Jimenez is freelance programmer, and organizer of the WordCamp Madrid 2018. A young woman and active member of the community of WordPress.

Carla Saiz Jimenez
Carla Saiz Jimenez

Unfortunately, Carla has been diagnosed with cancer and this is a reason that she will be held away of her work, responsibilities and duties.

She has to be fully concentrated on her therapy and all communities of WordPress around the world team up in order to assist her and give her the opportunity if a recovery, so she can come back healthy and full of life and energy.

This is the time we show that WordPress community is indeed a family and Carla could be our sister, daughter, mother or dear friend. Let’s support her visiting the project-website made for this cause, donating a small amount and spreading the news around the globe.

Let’s show some love to amazing Carla, who is a fighter!

Good luck Carla! We are all standing by you, till you win the war, not only this fight!