Pantavrechi Gorge – a place where it always rains

Are you a nature lover?

Then you should definitely visit Evrytania. It is considered as a virgin mountain paradise called the “Greek Switzerland”. I won’t talk to you today for the amazing forests full of firs or the astonishing views. No…

I’ve been living there in a mountain village of Evrytania called Krikellon for 3 years of my life, so there’s much to talk about…

This article though is entirely dedicated to an amazing river and a breathtaking gorge which I didn’t even know that existed before moving there.

Pantavrechi is not a classic canyon or gorge but the narrowest point of the Krikelopotamos river flowing between the mountains Kaliakouda (2,101 m) and Platanaki (1,777 m).⁠

“Pantavrechi” in Greek means “always raining”.⁠

The spectacle this place offers with the waterfalls is so impressive that you feel you have never seen anything like that before.⁠

How to get there

The approach to “Pantavrechi” is however difficult to problematic and is therefore not widely known. The most tolerable route is through Domnista -Roska villages road. ⁠
The other route is kinda shorter but requires a 4X4 car is from Megalo Chorio – lakomata – diasela – Kaliakouda – Doliana – Pantavrechi (Total 3 hours by car and 2hours walking in the river).⁠

I’ve been always a bit afraid of routes on the mountains since the roads are usually a bit stiff. But don’t fear as the feelings and fun, the crystal clear waters and the beauty of nature will definitely compensate you!⁠

Experiencing a walk of exploration in the gorge

The thing is that if I can walk in that gorge and I don’t complain that much then it is easy for everyone to do it! My sister agrees with me and – guess what… – she’s worse than I am. Don’t forget that you can always get a local guide to get you there and show you around.

We decided to visit the gorge during July, as the water at that point of the year is not cold. Furthermore, you can go swimming in the little lake formed after the waterfalls.

If you wish for a picture under the waterfalls, make sure you can deal with the almost frozen water. I just smiled, with camera ready, got in and out in seconds. The temperature of the water falling was around 4 degrees Celcius. However, it was so refreshing and an awesome experience.

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