My first podcast goes with Women In WP!

It’ s been a while, but sometimes it is difficult to find spare time to write down what I want to share.

This time I wanted to talk to you about Women In WP.

Ooh yes! You are going to tell me that I do this often but…! it’s not exactly the same thing. There are women in WordPress Community and in the tech sector who are amazing and I totally respect and look up to them. However, this post is not exactly a tribute to these ladies. I wanna share with you my experience in a podcast with a fun triplette!

I am talking about Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman.

How it started

This all started when Vassilis Baimas, a good friend and co-organiser of WordCamp Athens and WordCamp Thessaloniki spotted their first podcast. He started watching them and got enthusiastic. He took also the decision to suggest me to the girls for a podcast about women in the WordPress and tech community in Greece. Before Vassilis told me about it, I applied to be on the podcast, finding the twitter page where WomenInWp share their news.

While discussing it over slack with Vassilis, we realised that we both had the same thought at almost the same moment. Actually hitting the button almost at the same time…

Laughing hard was the only option. We never get stunned with one another. After 4 years of working together it’s like our minds are connected.

There comes fear…

A while after I applied and Vassilis suggested me, the girls contacted me in order to arrange the podcast. I got kinda scared of what I am going to talk about, since I am not a developer or a designer. Maybe the things I have to say are not that important. Who’s gonna care about what I have to say? There are people with more knowledge than mine, different skills or professionals with bigger experience and expertise. These are thoughts that did not come up when I applied. I wanted to communicate how I felt, as a woman and blogger among people in my community, respected and cherished. I wanted to share that it never felt different being a girl in the tech sector, attending meetups of developers or WordPress meetups and WordCamps.

Boom! Second thoughts! Fear, doubts and anxiety, but it all disappeared when I turned on my camera and saw their faces at Zoom.

The podcast

The girls were very welcoming and smiley. Just their nice voices and their attitude reminded me of what exactly I wanted to share and the reason I first pressed the button of applying to be with them.

My glasses were a bit flashy, but there we were. Behind our screens, a greek girl and another three from the other side of the globe! It is strange to be on a podcast with people you have never met before and you know little about since there is not such a personal contact as with your friends.

Amy, Tracy and Angela want to give voice to the women around the world. Women of the WordPress global community, who are active and enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience and passion. Either you are a developer, or a designer, or a blogger, a marketing editor or a content strategist, the girls want to let your voice to be heard all over the world. Girl power? Ooh yes!

Being born, located and working in a small country like Greece, suffering also by the economic crisis and the huge migration outflow, but with tech communites and agencies rising, it was nice to be able to share what’s going on with the WordPress Greek Community.

It was like a chat among friends, but including high quality equipment. Plus, me saying things that seem wise as advice but should be reality and not a topic for discussion.

You need to ask, to come forward, to contribute. You can come to an event. Ask a question. No question is stupid. Everybody’s welcome. If you don’t ask you will never learn.

It’s been an honor being on the Women In WP 6th podcast and I am thankful for the fact that I met them. It is true that internet and technology give us the opportunity to communicate our experience, our journey, our thoughts with people sharing the same passion no matter where they are located. I had a great time with the girls. They made it feel so natural, as if we were sitting around the same table drinking our coffee. Our smiles can prove it for sure.

The girls kept a quote from our podcast and I think they are totally right…

Be proud of what you can do. Don’t apologize for what you cannot do, or you don’t want to do. If you really want to do something you will learn how to do it and you will do it successfully.

Find your tribe, meet people and cooperate. Don’t be afraid.

Find out more about Women In WP

You can see all upcoming shows here and if you want to share your experience and thoughts by participating in a podcast with the girls. You can be on the show or suggest someone that you believe would have a lot to offer by talking. Just fill in the form and they will contact you back.

The girls do an amazing job providing except for the audio podcast, also a video and transcript. You can find mine here, since we had been also talking about accessibility and the deaf WordPress Greek Community members and attendees of the community’s events.

It is kinda expensive sports to be able to put all this effort, equipment etc, so if you want you can sponsor the ladies and their amazing job by contacting them and help them invest more in hearing louder the female voice in WordPress world.

Women in WordPress Communities

Rosie the Riveter @”We Can Do It!” by J. Howard Miller

Do you know who Rosie the Riveter is?
Neither did I till some days ago.
I was introduced to the story behind this poster, some months after the death of the woman that inspired the artist, at WordCamp Europe 2018 at Belgrade, during the Contributor day.

Contributor day is a huge opportunbity to assist other users of WordPress, as well as share knowledge and experience and learn a lot of things that will help you to support also your local Community, back home.

One of the topics concerning me, as a woman and active member of technological communities, is that for some undefined reason, while there are many women to the sector of Technology, they are not active members of technological communities and do not come forward neither as speakers, nor as attendees, nor as volunteers and do not socialize and network. What could we do, the ones more active, so that we to attract these women, to make them feel welcome and show them what the openness of WordPress community is?

At this point, I met two marvellous ladies, who talked to me about the Women Who WP meetup. Speaking of Jen Miller and Bridget Willard,who have been also assisting us with some other issues concerning our Community.

Naomi Parker Fraley

Naomi Parker Fraley, is the lady that inspired J. Howard Miller, in 1942 in order to create the poster of «Rosie the Riveter», where a woman withher make-up on and a scarf on her head, wearing her work uniform, lifting her sleeves, in order to set herself as a good example. “We can do it!” is the slogan that tried to call forth women, to start working in factories, during World War II, since the men were fighting. However, the poster ended up becoming a global symbol of the feminist movement and women as an economic power, while in turn inspired the design of the Wapuu for the Women Who WP meetup.
What is Women Who WP, someone could ask and why a meetup of this kind is useful and not concidered as discriminative, since it is addressed to women.

While every meetup should be female-friendly, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Generally everyone is welcomed, regardless of gender and age, of course. Just while everyone is accepted in a general group, a specialized meetup enhances the comfort level for all.

We are women-inclusive, not gender-exclusive.“, is noted on their website.

Rosie the Wapuu – Women Who WP

Wanting to confirm that women feel they are valued in the space, the creators of Women Who WP, created this meetup, which takes place once in month, before the regular local meetup, as a dinner among friends resulting to the increase of women attendance to the regular local meetup. At the same time, they use Facebook Live, in order for them to record the sessions, so that also the ones staying at home due to obligations feel involved. It is a reality for women the difficulty of taking time out of their responsibilities to focus on improving their skills and networking. During the meetup they introduce to each other, talk for something they have good knowledge of and after the questions, they share something new they learned about WordPress during the past month, increasing their confidence and gaining the courage to apply as speakers at meetups, WordCamps or other conferences.

It’s essential that each of us realize that we can make a difference and welcome one another. Whether at a general WordPress Meetup, a specially designated Women Who WP Meetup, or an informal gathering of colleagues, we need to be encouraging one another in this tech journey. The industry we have chosen to be a part of moves quickly, and it’s only through learning from one another and supporting each other that we can flourish. It’s all about community —developing it and making sure everyone has a place in it.” – Jen Miller

WordPress is all about people!

Carla Saiz Jimenez is freelance programmer, and organizer of the WordCamp Madrid 2018. A young woman and active member of the community of WordPress.

Carla Saiz Jimenez
Carla Saiz Jimenez

Unfortunately, Carla has been diagnosed with cancer and this is a reason that she will be held away of her work, responsibilities and duties.

She has to be fully concentrated on her therapy and all communities of WordPress around the world team up in order to assist her and give her the opportunity if a recovery, so she can come back healthy and full of life and energy.

This is the time we show that WordPress community is indeed a family and Carla could be our sister, daughter, mother or dear friend. Let’s support her visiting the project-website made for this cause, donating a small amount and spreading the news around the globe.

Let’s show some love to amazing Carla, who is a fighter!

Good luck Carla! We are all standing by you, till you win the war, not only this fight!