Abandoned but mysterious

Considering myself an amateur artist (I love the word amateur in everything, my friends characterize me with the word “artist”), I have a love for photography. Also, I really enjoy having strange ideas – sometimes crazy enough – and of course, make them reality!

During the quarantine times due to COVID-19 outbreak, I had the need to go out for a walk, but stay away of people. I have always loved everything old. Ruins, abandoned places and old buildings drag me to them with a magic string.

And then it came to me! Why not creating a new project? Imagine all the abandoned colorful houses of the city before the wrecking ball comes for them?

Walking with my camera and discovering little gems in the suburbs and the city, I decided to put up a little gallery for you and me.

Among the photos, there is a building that was demolished right the day after I took its’ picture. Can you guess which one it is?

All these places have a story usually well known among the residents of the city. They’re standing there like ghost of their magnificent past. And at some point a condo will get through their ruins to cover the sky.

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