Explore travel blogs if you plan a trip

Why do people blog?

I’ve been blogging for a while. I do it mostly for myself, as I enjoy noting down my thoughts and keeping my memories alive. Not sure if I have ever queried what my readers would like to read. I never wanted to monetize my blog; it’s a personal project that helps me relieve my stress.

Sharing your experiences and thoughts can be a real help for people that need to feel represented. In your blogs, they shall find something common with you.


For people like me, it’s mostly a type of communication. Especially when you don’t have many options to share details of your life with your own people. The pandemic’s limitations and restrictions distanced me from many people I would talk to and share my daily life with. That wasn’t an option anymore. So we had to find other means of communication or things we’d discuss over a cup of coffee.

What does though a reader benefit from reading your blog?

However, blogging can also be useful for your readers, with tips and hints on how to do something. Do you have the solution to a problem? Post it. For questions such as “Where to go if you are on a trip?”. If you have the answer, go for it. Or you may share someone else’s experience that stunned you.

Why I am telling you all this?

The first blog I started was in Greek and related to literature. At first, it was only me, but then I met people who shared the same passion as me for writing. After establishing the project “mindrops.gr“, I realized I had more things to share and keep alive. All through my WordPress enthusiasm, community, and love for photography and travels.

Although, sometimes, I cannot consider my writing, or I should better say my posting rate to be consistent. Shame on me. But that’s either cause I procrastinate or don’t have much time to blog. So please, be forgiving. Here, I am promising to share my thoughts as often as possible.

Let’s get to the year 2022

Indeed, I consider myself a traveler at heart, but it’s been around 2 years with a little traveling. Seems like the pandemic era’s almost over, and we’re ready to explore the world for new adventures.

It’s about time we organize a trip to Portugal. WCEU 2022 is around the corner, and we’d love to experience Porto. Hence, flight tickets seem a bit pricey, so let’s raise the bet. Let’s also visit Lisbon!

How did we plan our trip? 

Lately, I’ve realized numerous people are digging for other people’s experiences upon deciding to go on a trip or vacation. My best friend and I enjoy discovering a place by ourselves and rarely check other people’s feelings, thoughts or experiences.

However, we always check people’s feedback. Thus, it could be regarding hotels, restaurants, and museums when trying to book tickets or find a place to dine. Google and booking websites are your friends. Trip Advisor or foursquare are your mentors. Use Google and Google maps to locate the points of interest and pin them on your map.

Moreover, what I most enjoy is the pictures. I love running through Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Except for the official ones, try finding travel bloggers wandering recently around that location and search for related hashtags.

Keep in mind it’s necessary to find more information about the place you’re visiting. For instance, read about history, art, traditions, customs, and local delicacies you may wish to try. Accordingly, do so before you start planning a trip.

Where to find the info you need to plan ahead?

If you don’t have local friends to ask for further information when traveling, who do you ask? In case you wish to “live it like a local,” travel blogs are one of the best places to search. Regularly, I would go ahead and suggest some of the travel blogs I follow. That’s not the case nonetheless, since we might be interested in so different things when traveling.

Small piece of advice

Don’t take into consideration everything you read.

In other words, ask questions and experience for yourself even if the comments aren’t what you’ve been expecting. Above all, seeing the world with your own eyes is the most important when traveling. Planning ahead can help you not miss a spot you’d like to visit. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss the joy of discovery. Allow yourself to blend in and get lost in walkarounds.

Be a traveler, not a tourist.

My best tip ever

If you even learn a new language or a few words and sentences, your stay could be much more fun. I haven’t heard anyone complaining that I took some time to learn how to say in their language, “Hey! How are you doing?”, “Thank you.”, and “You’re welcome.”. 

Let’s be honest, “Thank you.” is the most powerful sentence I’ve ever spoken out loud. And that includes all the languages I speak, all the places I’ve ever visited.

Muito obrigada, Portugal! 

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